The Cast & Crew

Where would we be without the cast and crew of the Land of the Lost? I suppose we'd be in an empty chat room right now talking about who the hell knows what. Luckily these talented people got together and gave this web site a subject, and also produced one outstanding TV show in the process.

Spencer Milligan Rick Marshall
Wesley Eure Will Marshall
Kathleen Coleman Holly Marshall
Phillip Paley Cha-Ka
Joe Giamalva (season 1) Ta
Scutter McKay (season 2) Ta
Sharon Baird Sa
Walker Edmiston Enik
Ron Harper Uncle Jack Marshall
Jack Tingley
Scott Fullerton  
Mike Westra  
Dave Greenwood  
Bill Laimbeer  
John Lambert  
Jon Locke (season 3) Sleestak Leader

John Braislin In Charge of Production  
Sid Krofft
Marty Krofft
Created By
Albert J. Tenzer (season 1, 2)
Sid Krofft
(season 3)
Marty Krofft
(season 3)
Executive Producers
Dennis Steinmetz (season 1)
Sid Krofft
(season 1, 2)
Marty Krofft
(season 1, 2)
Jon Kubichan
(season 3)
Gene Warren (season 1)
Tom Swale
(season 2)
Jim Washburn
(season 3)
Associate Producers
Rick Bennewitz
Robert Lally
Joseph L. Scanlan
Dennis Steinmetz
Gordon Wiles
David Gerrold (season 1)
Dick Morgan
(season 2)
Sam Roeca
(season 3)
Story Editors
Margaret Armen
Barry E. Blitzer
Ben Bova
John Cutts
D.C. Fontana
Peter Germano
David Gerrold
Donald F. Glut
James L. Henderson
Bill Keenan
Walter Koenig
Jon Kubichan
Ian Martin
Dick Morgan
Larry Niven
Joyce Perry
Sam Roeca
Norman Spinrad
Greg Strangis
Theodore Sturgeon
Tom Swale
Elayne Cedar Art Director
Gene Warren Stop Motion Director
Jimmie Haskell Music  
Michael Westmore Special Costumes  
Victoria Fromkin Linguistics Consultant  

Alice the Allosaur  
Grumpy the Tyrranosaur  
Dopey the baby Brontosaur  
Emily the Brontosaur  
Junior the baby Allosaur  
Spot the Coelophysis  
Spike the Triceratops  
Lulu the two headed monster  
Torchy the Dimetrodon  

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