Land of the Lost F.A.Q
(frequently asked questions)

Q: What the hell is Land of the Lost?

A: Land of the Lost is a groovy TV show from those wacky Krofft brothers Sid and Marty. The show ran from September 1974 to December 1976. Sid and Marty Krofft are legends, don't ever forget that.

Q: No really, what is Land of the Lost?
A: Ah, if all you have are really fuzzy memories, let me help you out. Land of the Lost is about the Marshall family; Rick the dad, Will the son and Holly the pig tailed daughter. While on a camping trip in the great outdoors, an earthquake sends their little yellow raft plummeting down a huge waterfall into a land that time forgot. You have your dinosaurs, your giant insect men, and your ape folks, it's quite the scene.

Q: How did the Land of the Lost theme song go again?
A: We have lyrics and the songs themselves. Click here to check it out.

Q: Who were those green lizard men?
Those guys were called Sleestak. The were tall, thin and used little crossbows with skill that hasn't been seen since Kevin Costner tried to speak with an English accent in Robin Hood.

Q: I remember one Sleestak who was gold, what's up with him?
That would be Enik, my main man who wears the sporty disco vest and can speak English with the best of them. He sort of ended up in the Land of the Lost like the Marshalls, except he fell through a time doorway and got stuck with all his stupid descendants running around trying to kill him off. He came from the past, where all Sleestak were intelligent and peaceful, and was horrified to see that his descendants were violent and really unskilled marksmen. I know this info doesn't jive with the audio file from Enik in our "sounds" section, but Enik was wrong when he said what he said. He THOUGHT he was from the future, but soon found out that he wasn't. Confusing I know, it is why I get a couple emails a week about this!

Q: I seem to recall these colored crystals on the show...
You recall correctly. The show had lots of crystals: In the walls, in matrix tables, on the floor, crystals were all over the place. I don't suggest putting a bunch of different colored crystals in your pocket, you may just blow your leg off.

Q: Matrix tables? Were those the things that changed the weather?
: Why yes they were. Matrix tables were covered with different colored crystals, and if you rearranged them or removed some, you could cause all sorts of whacked out weather to occur. The matrix tables were holed up in the Pylons for safe keeping, but those darn Marshalls still seemed to screw things up anyhow.

Q: What is a Pylon?
Well it's not the thing Greg Brady hit during his driving test with Marcia, but a gold, mini pyramid that housed the crystal matrix tables. Each Pylon had a mini pylon on the side you could turn and use as a key to open the pylon up, go inside, and really cause some hellacious weather. Listen to a Pylon! (mp3)

Q: Who was the little monkey boy? What was his name?
: Chaka was the little monkey boy who befriended the Marshalls in the Land of the Lost. He had his own language called Pakuni, and Ta and Sa were his parents, not his brother and sister like I always thought until Phil set me straight. Phil Paley played Chaka, and a nicer guy you wouldn't want to meet. Chaka was a Paku.

Q: What was the dinosaur called that Holly adopted as her "pet?"
That would be Dopey, known more for his high pitched whine that attracted larger, hungry dinosaurs than for his strawberry cart pulling prowess.

Q: What were the names of some of the other dinosaurs?
There is a complete list of dino names right here. Scroll down to the bottom of the page once you click the link.

Q: Is Land of the Lost available for purchase?
You bet! Not only do we have season 1, 2 and 3, there is a boxed set of the entire show too. And if you are are feeling particularly adventurous, you can listen to me and Phil commenting on the Second Season boxed set. The Episode is "the Test" and I had a whole 30 seconds notice that they wanted me to do a commentary. I still laugh every time I hear it. Yes, I crack myself up. Go check out our little Krofft store and you can see all of the cool items for sale.

Q: Is anyone making Land of the Lost merchandise?
No one has licensed anything from the Kroffts to produce official Land of the Lost gear. Some fan-made items pop up on eBay from time to time, some of it is pretty nice! Just beware, the Kroffts will come down on bootleggers!

Q: Did Bill Laimbeer from the Detroit Pistons ever play a Sleestak.
He most certainly did.

Q: Did the Marshalls ever get out of the Land of the Lost?
Not really. One episode has one Marshall family get out at the exact same time another identical family comes in. I know, I don't get it either, but it's a closed universe you see. The show never had an official last episode, which is quite a bummer in my book.

Q: What's this I hear about a Land of the Lost movie?
Well, I've never actually seen the movie, because everyone told me not to watch it. I was on the set up at Universal, met the cast and crew and had an awesome time. But sadly, the movie didn't do very well and a potential sequel never panned out.

Q: Is Land of the Lost playing on TV anywhere?
It seems that the show is always on, somewhere. Your best bet is to Google your local areas broadcast schedule.

Q: Wasn't there a new Land of the Lost in the 90's?
Yup. It was also called, surprise, Land of the Lost: different cast, updated Sleestaks, didn't do much for me. It never had the charm or the nostalgia factor of the original. This site has no info on the 90's version of the show, sorry.

Q: Why did the Dad AKA Rick Marshall leave after the 2nd season?
I have talked to many people about this, and it appears that Spencer left the show over contract issues, probably money. I have never asked Spencer himself this question, and every person has a slightly different take on what went down. Maybe we will never know!

Q: Who is this Uncle Jack fellow?
Uncle Jack was Rick Marshall's brother. When Rick left the show after season 2, Uncle Jack went looking for his brother, niece and nephew and luckily fell into the Land of the Lost to become the new parental figure.

Q: Why did you make this web site?
Growing up in the late 60's/early 70's, I was a raised on TV. Land of the Lost brings back such great memories for me that I wanted to share them with everyone who bothered to stop by. It appears I am not alone in my fondness for this program.

Q: Was there ever a Land of the Lost FanClub?
There was. It was run by Kathy's sister. It was active way back when the show was still on the air.

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