Lost Saucer by Krofft

The Lost Saucer - Androids Fi and Fum played by Jim Nabors and Ruth Buzzi land on earth and accidentally take off with two humans on board. Jerry and his baby-sitter are the unwitting passengers of the Lost Saucer whose pilots just can't seem to find their way back to earth. Seems an awful lot like Far Out Space Nuts to me!

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Lost Saucer

The Lost Saucer - Vol. 1
Stars Jim Nabors and Ruth Buzzi. Episode 1: Where Did Everybody Go?-When Fum, Fi, Dorse, Alice, and Jerry answer a distress call, they encounter Mr. Keak, who turns Jerry into an invisible boy. Alice certainly can't take him back to Earth like that! They try to find Mr. Keak, but instead run into Commissioner Vroom, ruler of the disappearing city. He tosses everyone in prison-that is, everyone he can see. Soon cute, little Jerry makes his way to Vroom's office and wins the commissioner over. But will Vroom have a change of heart? You'll have to watch to find out. Episode 2: Get A Dorse-Because mechanical devices have been outlawed, Fum and Fi must stay behind while Jerry and Alice search for Dorse. They find Dorse locked to a treadmill, generating power for three nutty scientists. The professors are unwilling to give Dorse back, and, afraid Jerry and Alice will squeal, lock them up for good measure. Sensing something has gone wrong, Fum and Fi disguise themselves like humans and venture out to find their shipmates. They look ridiculous, and soon they learn there's more to being human than a new set of clothes.

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