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Not many people realize that Land of the Lost had a decent amount of licensed merchandise when the show originally ran back in the 1970's. Everything from View-Master reels and Halloween costumes to board games and assorted plastic toys bore the Land of the Lost seal of approval.

This section of the website is devoted to all these wonderful trinkets, their descriptions and their photos. If they made it, expect to see it right here.


Groovy Land of the Lost items
  Aladdin Lunchbox, 1975  
  Aladdin Thermos, 1975  
  Ben Cooper Rick Marshall Halloween Costume, 1974  
  Ben Cooper Sleestak Adult Halloween Mask, 1976  
  Ben Cooper Sleestak Halloween Costume, 1975  
  GAF Talking Viewmaster Abominable Snowman, 1977  
  GAF Viewmaster #B579  
  GAF Viewmaster #H1 Abominable Snowman, 1977  
  Golden Press Little Golden Book, 1975  
  Kenner Give-A-Show Projector, 1975  
  Larami Cosmic Signal, 1975  
  Larami Direction Finder, 1975  
  Larami Explorers Kit, 1975  
  Larami Moon Spinners, 1975  
  Larami Plastic Dinosaurs, 1975  
  Larami Safari Shooter, 1975  
  Larami Secret Look-Out, 1975  
  Larami Spark Shooter, 1975  
  Larami Wilderness Campfire Set, 1975  
  Milton Bradley Board Game, 1975  
  Whitman Color and Activity Book, 1975  
  Whitman Coloring Book, 1975  
  Whitman Jigsaw Puzzle, 1975  
  Whitman Magic Slate, 1975  
  Whitman Tell-A-Tale Book, 1975  
  An ultra groovy hologram belt, no info available  
If you have some rare or unknown Land of the Lost item, please drop us a line so we can include your newfound info on this page! I'm also looking to buy most of this stuff in top notch condition, as well as purchase original props. Email me if you have any!

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